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  • Thank you for your interest in working with Seneca Community Players! This Proposal Guide is designed to help guide you through the proposal process. Please use the hints from this guide to strengthen your proposal. Section I:Information. Please fill out all information about your proposal. Please provide a copy of the script for the Season Planning Committee. Copies will be returned at your request. If you are new to the Players, or you have never directed a production with the Players, please provide one copy of your resume, including many or all productions you have held a title in and any references. Section II: Proposed Staff. Hint: Your ability to find staff will be a heavy consideration as to whether your proposal will be accepted. It is to your advantage to get commitments from staff as early as possible. As this is community theatre, you are encouraged to involve as many people as possible. Section III: Proposed Budget. For help with budget, contact the Season Planner. Sample Budget: Costumes: $100 Lighting: $50 Makeup/Hair: $50 Posters/Programs: $250 Props: $100 Publicity: $700 Sets:$500 Sound:$50 Subtotal: $1800 Estimated Roaylties: $200 Rentals: Libretti: $200 Orchestra: 0 chorus: 0 Theater Rental: $500 Tickets: $75 Subtotal: $975 Total Budget $2750 The first list's costs vary depending on the needs of the production. However, the other list is dependent on the royalties, script and theater rentals and cost of tickets. To make the season more cohesive, the Board regulates the look of the ticket and content of the program and advertising, therefore the program, ticket, publicity staff will need to meet with Season Planner to see that all requirements are met. Ticket Prices: Although SCP’s Mission is to promote artistic talent, each production should aim to earn as much as they spend and hopefully more! Proposed Ticket Prices. Your ticket prices may include reduced rates for seniors and students, although this is not mandatory. Advance pricing should be at least $2 less than at door pricing. Ticket prices: $12 minimum - $25 maximum unless a special event. It is not uncommon to include a $2 off at door coupon in advertising your production to match the advance ticket price. For assistance with budgeting or other aspects of this form, please contact a member of the Board or email the SCP Season Planner. P.O. BOX 45, SENECA FALLS, NEW YORK 13148
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