Theater Association of New York State roving adjudicator, Paul Nelson, has awarded the cast and crew of SCP’s production of Little Women, directed by Deb Bly with a number of awards for their efforts.

Adjudication is an opportunity for your group to hear constructive, objective feedback about your production. In any production, we have our own ideas of how successful we have been in transmitting across the footlights what we wanted our audience to know and feel. But we have also become very close to that production and sometimes lose our objectivity. Adjudication provides an outside eye that allows our productions not only to bring applause, but also to grow.  When Roving Adjudicators adjudicate a production, they are guided by 10 points of consideration which are established by the American Association of Community Theatre.  Using this criteria adjudicators are able to provide an objective assessment of a production and contribute to the quality of community theater.
The cast and crew were awarded the following:
Excellence in Musical Direction to Cheryl Muller
Excellence in Ensemble Performance to the Cast
Excellence in Performance to Marley Mars for her portrayal of Jo March
Excellence in Vocal Performance to Charity Gillotti for her portrayal of Marmee March
Excellence in Performance to Damon Fletcher for his portrayal of Laurie Laurence
Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Wendy Varricchio-Fletcher for her portrayal of Aunt March
Congratulations cast and crew.