Cast List Announced for The Addams Family

The cast has been created and the stage is set! Help us support our devoted crew! The cast is as follows:

Chris Boulter Gomez
Katie Hockey Morticia
Abby Hauf Wednesday
Alexander Cook Pugsley
John Faylo Fester
Wendy Varricchio-Fletcher Grandma
Seth Kennedy Lurch
Stuart Sewell Mal
Carol Hauf Alice
Zachary Cornett Lucas
Emily Miracle Ancestor (Marilyn Monroe)
Caitlyn Wayee Ancestor (Cleopatra)
Kathy Kirkland Ancestor (Bride of Frankenstein)
Doralea Kettle Ancestor (Marie Antoinette)
Debbie Koch Ancestor (Amelia Earhart)
Samantha Hockey Ancestor (Susan B. Anthony)
Deb Bly Director
Eric Koepke Musical Director
Pam Bryan
Maryanne Saylor Accompanyist
Jake Yearsley Stage Manager
Stephanie Yearsley Costumer


Welcome, and break a leg!