About Us

Our Mission: To foster, arouse, and help broaden the interest, availability and appreciation of theater arts in Seneca and surrounding counties

The Seneca Community Players is a non-profit community theater in based out of Seneca Falls and Waterloo. We strive to bring approachable, high quality and accessible theater to Seneca county and the surrounding communities. We are celebrating 50 years this season and would love to welcome both old friends and new players to join in the celebration. Please use the contact form below to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or just want to get involved! Experience levels in theater of all kinds welcome, both on stage and behind the curtain.

Board of Directors

President Leyland Dewey Chair
Kaylee Millerd Executive Vice President Season Planning
Seth Kennedy Treasurer/Fundraising
Lynn Patti Secretary/Historian
Krista Serret Properties/Costumes
Wendy Varricchio-Fletcher Member
Hunter DeJonge Buildings and Grounds
Carrie Bradford Publicity/Fundraising
Megan Kelley Member
Dawn Jansen Member
Becky Bly Member
Deb Bly Member
Jason Hurdle Member